Myrtle & Co. is a neighborhood restaurant that blends traditional Middle Eastern cooking with dishes influenced by the flavors of India and North Africa. Chef David Johnson, formerly of Williamsburg’s popular Cafe Mogador, helms the kitchen. His evolving menu is filled with fresh ingredients, spices, and grilled meats, and is complimented by a dynamic wine list and cocktail menu. Join us for a drink in the backyard during the summer months, or cozy up to our bar in the winter.


BREAKFAST/LUNCH: Serving from 12pm – 9pm

Available from 12pm – 4pm

Israeli Breakfast
poached eggs, hummus, chopped salad, harissa carrots, zataar pita 

Steak & Eggs
sunny side, hanger, arugula, french fries.

Brekky Sandwich
scrambled egg, cheese, tomato, bacon, avocado, wholegrain toast.

Available from 12pm – 9pm

Small Plates ~ 4

~ Hummus, stewed chickpeas, harissa
~ Labneh, harissa carrots, pistachio dukkah
~ Eggplant & Tomato
~ Grilled cauliflower, tahini, pistachio dukkah, pickled raisins
~ Roasted haloumi, grilled tomato, hot honey
~ Falafel, tahini

Kale Ceasar, pistachio dukkah, pickled radish, parmesan.… 9
add: chicken + 3

Greens & Grains, feta, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, herbs, lemon vinaigrette……9
add: chicken + 3

Pita Sandwich, hummus, fresh salad, tahini, zhoug, fries or salad..…7
add:Falafel 2 / Eggplant & Egg 2 / Chicken 3 / Moroccan Grilled Lamb 4

Grilled Chicken Sandwich, herb pesto, labneh, sun dried tomato, avocado, arugula, ciabatta, fries or salad……10

Myrtle Burger, vermont cheddar, tomato, burnt onion, brioche bun, fries..… 12

Myrtle Bowl, quinoa, chickpea stew, kale salad, sweet potatoes, raita.…8
add: Falafel 2 / Eggplant & Egg 2 / Chicken 3 / Moroccan Grilled Lamb 4

Curry, chickpeas, spinach, eggplant, cilantro, yogurt, quinoa…..10

Indian Butter Chicken, basmati rice……12



Bacon  3.5 / Feta  2.5
French Fries w/ harisa aioli 4
Israeli Salad 4

We use organic eggs & local produce when possible.
Please notify your server of any allergies or dietary restrictions.